4 Reasons, why to opt for your employee’s dental insurance?

If you happen to be a representative of a company whose major task includes managing the benefits of employees, then this article holds pool of information for you. You run a super cool start-up under federal government or you enjoy leading a millennial workforce, wherein you need them to realize that for you the employees are human assets for your company hence you are ready to invest in them. What special can you do for them apart from the regular benefits which are provided by every single company (such as medical insurance, retirement and other which is running in the downtown? To show that you care you need to give them health benefits which are not offered by your competitors.

What can be these benefits? Why should you offer them?

To stand out from the crowd of employers, you can offer your employees the benefitting federal dental insurance plans which can help them in eradicating many problems related to their teeth as they grow in the life. Here are 4 reasons why you should offer them the federal dental insurance plans to your employees:

  1. Increases the Loyalty towards the organization

If you happen to be in a competitive market which is full of IT professionals, engineers, executive cadre people or federal employees, the major way to make yourself favorite amongst your current employees and the one which can be your prospective employees is a well-planned benefit program. The quality also has equal importance that is of the no. of benefits you are providing. Whatever may be the benefit, a proper communication of the benefit should be there, so that they can be well aware about how to use it and what mode. AMA offers variety of dental insurance which can boost your employee’s zeal to work and they can feel connected to them in a better way. When the employee feel valued they return it with loyalty towards the company become more hard working and complete their task completely. Investing in their dental insurance sends a positive message which says their smile is important to the company and that is what the company works towards by offering the employees rewards which bring a perfect smile on your face.

  1. A low cost affair

Dental insurance is the simplest and cheapest of all the insurances which a company can offer, though it covers no. of ailments from bad breath problems to infections of teeth and gums, to root canal treatment to filling, there are ample of benefits which the employee can attain after getting dental insurance done.

Benefeds plans for the company

Adding a reasonable dental insurance plan into your benefit list works to your advantages stack can be a sensible investment, particularly on the off chance that you run a startup or looking for a sick pay plus plan to be launched in the company. Preventive-centered dental insurance plans are ideal for a youthful, millennial group. Likewise on the off chance that you incline toward, dental benefits as a company you built reputation on the other hand as an employee you save ample of money on other costly insurance plans.

  1. Prevention stands better than cure any day.

This one is straightforward. Individuals without dental protection don’t go for general checkups and preventive care as regularly as those with insurance6. More than a fourth of grown-ups have untreated tooth rot and without benefits, they may postpone legitimate care7. The more you hold up, the more terrible it gets, the more it costs and the more your representative needs to pay. That is unpleasant for anybody. In addition, some dental advantages today aren’t simply protection; yet rather concentrate on preventive care at home like BokaBox, Quip or our famous DHMO and PPO plans which covers the risk of any disease pertaining to the teeth.

  1. Employees will enjoy working with you

As per the reports from a medical institute it was proved that 9/10 American suffer from tooth problem due to their eating habits. They eat junk hence the teeth become stale at a very young age. Even if it is indirect, but as per a recent study found on work efficiency , people in America don’t show at work for almost 64 hours because of the dental visits or due to their dental ailments. When as an employer you offer dental benefits in the same way as federal government do for some of their employees under FEDVIP category and FEHB category, you can reduce their time offs and hence can improve their attendance big time. Resultantly, the number of serious issues will decrease as people will be able to visit the doctor on a regular visit not fearing about the bill. The smiles after root canal treatment will be that perfect, that you yourself will never repent on spending amount for the welfare of the employees. Though it is true dental benefits are not offered by every company in the town though it make to a good incentive perk for employees.

Why choose AMA?

American Marketing Administrators had been the leaders in the industry of dental insurance since last 30 years. The insurance which we provide are amongst the best of the insurance packages which covers dental and vision insurance majorly, though not limited to the same. We have been creating and managing the Federal Employee dental plans for the government servants. The reason to choose us by millions of people can be any one of the following:

  1. If you need to acquire dental service benefits in all 50 states

As an employer, you never want your employee to be running around getting rejected from one institute to another medical institute looking for whether their dental insurance is accepted or not, that is what we have taken care of. All of our dental insurance plans are available and redeemable in 50 countries across the state.

  1. Easy enrollment process

Anything which a corporate gets into should be hassle free, hence we have kept the formalities of insurance really simple. Even your 4 year old can complete the formalities for you though you need to sign it for yourself.

  1. Trust of the Federal government

The AMA had been known to serve the Federal government with their insurance plans since last 30 years. It does not need any more introductions to speak about the trust it had generated.

  1. Variety of Plans for Dental insurance

Choose from the varied dental insurance program and enjoy the ample of benefit involved with it. Not only that you can upgrade it to a family dental insurance plan without any hassle and with a quick process. All this is so easy, that one cannot hold themselves from enjoying the healthy dental benefits from the best of the hospitals.

  1. The unique Sick Pay Plus programme

Enroll yourself in their sick pay plus program which is known to provide cover from Day1 when you are been supervised by a doctor for the extensive care in order to maintain the health. The insurance plan offers you salary between 500USD to 2500USD if you tend to be off work due to the suffering.

Dental insurance had become a mandate part of our life, then why not choose to insure it from the best company known for it. Enroll in our programs and enjoy the happy smile you can wear everyday around.