Increase in demand for vision benefits – Federal Vision Plan

A most popular form of benefits offered to the employee is vision coverage. With the increasing strain on already expensive health insurance plans, the demand for lower cost group vision plans California has been increasing for many employees.

According to a study from LIMRA, it was said that the sales of vision insurance plans have increased by 24% in the year 2014. Another survey also proved that 83% of the employers now offer employees’ vision coverage.

Does the rise in the sales of vision coverage mean that our eyes gotten worse? Yes, there is a possibility that the development of technology has hurt our eyes. People now sit in front of the computer for a long time. The longer they sit, the more it becomes dangerous to the eyes. The American Optometric Association states in a report that 90% of the employees in US work using a computer for more than three hours per day. Thus they become more prone to vision issues due to computer strain. As the technology develops, the vision problem keeps increasing.

The importance of vision benefits to employers

As already stated, many employers have started offering federal vision plan to their employees and the number keeps increasing. This is due to the reason that employers have started understanding that vision benefits can contribute to the company’s success. Better, Healthier eyes make it easier for the employees to see their tasks, do normal works and much more. When a company’s employees are able to see correctly, the mistakes are reduced, which means less time is required to fix those mistakes. Employees with healthy vision can contribute more towards the work than others, this in turn impacts the company’s success. Employees with healthy eyes can increase the production of the company.

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Benefits of vision insurance to the employees and policy options

A vision insurance policy can help you pay the expenses related to eye care, such as routine checkups, corrective wear, contact lens examinations and much more. Benefits and policy options vary by carrier. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has set up online enrollment procedures for enhanced vision- and dental-care benefits. The open season conducted every year in the month of November and December will give American federal employees and retirees the opportunity to change their healthcare coverage. The employees who are eligible to participate, but have not enrolled, have the opportunity to select the coverage. This federal vision plan offers great vision benefits, national coverage and affordable rates. You may be thinking if you are eligible to participate in this program if you are not currently enrolled. You are eligible if you are a Federal or Postal employee eligible for Federal Employees Health Benefit (FEHB) Program coverage, whether you are enrolled or not.

Common Vision Insurance Exclusions

All insurance policies have certain exclusions so you should always read your policy carefully to know what your vision insurance does cover and does not cover. Exclusions will vary based on the insurance company and the policy, but some of the most common vision insurance policy exclusions include:


  • Light sensitive lenses and Contact lens examination
  • LASIK and similar corrective vision procedures
  • Vision therapy
  • Eye examinations given during a hospital stay
  • Eyeglass tinting
  • Replacement of lost or stolen lenses or frames prescribed by the doctor

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Getting the most out of your vision insurance

Vision insurance is an inexpensive coverage when compared to other plans. If you have a vision insurance plan, you can get lower copays, deductibles and broader benefits. To get maximum advantage out of your vision insurance, you should first understand the benefits offered and the services which are excluded from the policy. Certain vision care services which are covered under a traditional health insurance plan would not need to be claimed on your vision insurance policy.

American Marketing Administrators (AMA) is an experienced group of insurance agents that offer various dental and vision insurance plans. AMA specializes in vision care and has several vision plan options to fit your own lifestyle and vision care requirements. AMA is a preferred provider of vision insurance for federal employees. AMA also helps you to get the best treatment at the lowest premium. If you do decide to purchase vision insurance, consult an insurance agent to make sure you and your family have the proper vision care protection.